5 Ways Not Get Lost in the (Staffing) Shuffle

In your first few days on the job, you’re learning how to fit in. But after that, if you want to get ahead, you need to stand out. The following tips can help you get noticed — in a good way. Pick the tip that fits your personality best, and use it to grow your success!

1. Be the hardest worker.

Go above and beyond the bare minimum of your job description. Aim to be a little faster, smarter, or stronger than those around you. Get to work on time Every. Single. Time. And be willing to stay late to finish a task.

2. Be the best teammate.

When you see someone struggling, offer to help out. Show that you know the team’s goals and that they are important to you. When the boss asks for volunteers for a special project, raise your hand first. Help keep the workplace clean and safe.

3. Be eager to learn. 

Bosses love to see the enthusiasm. Show it by learning everything you can, not just about your job but also the company and the industry. Ask for opportunities to grow your skillset.

4. Be the improver.

Show your innovative thinking with ideas for improving the company or a workflow process. If you see something that needs fixing (especially if it’s a safety hazard), fix it or make the appropriate person aware. Improve yourself, too, which means being responsive to feedback from your supervisor.

5. Be the smiley face.

A positive attitude is another big plus for employers. Be nice to everyone on your team — both to their faces and behind their backs. Join in group lunches or after-work socializing. Help lift the team’s spirits when things are tough.

The goal of all these techniques is to have your unique strengths recognized by both peers and supervisors. At Integrity, that’s our goal, too. Our team structure encourages individuality and offers job coaching support so that nobody gets lost in the shuffle. It’s just one of the ways we advocate for our associates’ success!

Welcome to the right place to find your next big job opportunity.

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