Day 8: Job Boards
Traditional Job Boards  For those struggling to find jobs, looking on an online job board could be quite helpful. Though there usually tend to be many postings, if you spend enough time looking, and do so in the right place, you’ll find great opportunities. Job boards are a great starting point for anyone who has a few criteria restricting their search such as: location, field of work, salary requirements. This can help you narrow your search and illuminate certain roles. There are various kinds of job boards such as: Monster and Indeed or more specialized boards like CollegeRecruiter for recent graduates. Each of these types of boards serves a purpose. Your success with job boards varies on your ability to use them properly.   Using LinkedIn Strategically LinkedIn is more becoming a job board where companies post openings on their branded landing page. While it both are effective, some jobseekers find comfort in applying for jobs through LinkedIn as their profile is largely...
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