Day 22: Interview Attire
  Presenting yourself as someone who is eager to succeed is one of the easiest and surest ways to achieve that success. Rather than just listing out the ways one can dress for business casual versus business professional (that’s what photos are for), we want to provide you key tips on how interview attire affects your interview. In this technological age, chances are the first impression you make on a recruiter is your online presence; however, your first impression in person is generally at the job interview. Dress to impress as you can not make a second first impression.   Leading up to an interview make sure to establish a dress code with the individual scheduling the interview. While you can discover the company culture and work attire online, it is always best to ask someone for a dress code. Asking in advance demonstrates forethought and diligence- two great traits to showcase to a future employer. Follow the established dress code as you do not want to disqualify yourself...
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