Day 6: List of Employers
  Simplify Your Job Search Some people find a targeted list of employers helpful when starting their job search. With so many different employers, some find it easier to focus efforts on specific companies and respective positions. While this strategy may work for some it can be limiting in some respects. Companies that people may frequent people’s lists could be big brands that have huge applicant pools with few slots to fill. With that, it’s not an entirely reliable strategy as it’s too focused on the company. Rather than specifically focusing on companies, searching for positions with a specific title in mind is the ideal way to approach possible employers. For instance, you could go on job board and search for a “Recruiter” role and see which companies are looking for that specific position. Some of your best options that come up may be with companies that were not even on your radar. Local firms with less brand recognition that may not have been on your employer list may be...
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