Day 29: The Importance of Thank You
  In the job search process the details matter. When ten people interview for a job, you must go the extra mile to standout in a positive way. A traditional way of leaving a good impression is following up each interview with a thank you. Whether it’s a physical letter or email, a thank you matter. Yes, you are trying to get a job, but you’re also interacting with people. Show your appreciation through a thank you note.   Thanking the recruiter or employer for his or her time and consideration goes a long way. Make sure to reference any key points from your interview. If there was any personal connection made over attending a similar school, love of certain sports team, or the like, reference that. It shows the interviewer you were engaged.   If you are giving the interviewer a physical letter, make sure you bring it to the interview personally addressed to your interviewer and sealed in an envelope. When you leave your interview, simply leave you envelope with the secretary...
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Day 24: Punctuality
  Make sure you are NOT on time for your interview. Yes, you read that correctly. Make sure you’re not on time for your next interview. Instead, be early by at least ten minutes. Meet the receptionist and introduce yourself. You never want to allow a time rush to stifle your interview. The basic idea is to eliminate all control factors that could negatively impact your interview so all you have to do is focus on landing the gig. It’s that simple.   Punctuality is not about being on time or trying to impress someone meeting a deadline. It is fundamentally about respect. If you miss an interview or show up fifteen minutes late, it is extremely disrespectful. Punctuality is a way to show courtesy of the interviewer’s time as well as an indicator of how you will potentially show up to work every day. Most hiring managers do not want to invest in someone who is late. Who’s to say that won’t be a reoccurring trend if he or she is hired full time? In short, do not eliminate yourself...
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Day 15: Attitude
  The way you approach your job search can greatly affect your results. It is said that some of the most successful people are not the most talented but are those that work the hardest. The attitude and mindset they bring to their work nearly always overcomes the people who are just innately gifted.   This daily post is not a declaration that jobseekers have to be bubbly and over-the-top when at networking functions or at the interview to land the gig. Your mindset determines how far you’ll go. The path to a job is not a straight line. It usually involves many roadblocks impeding your progress. Don’t be easily discouraged by not landing any interviews. Continue to network and explore more opportunities.     Use the tools you’ve learned throughout the networking portion of the #30DayJobChallenge to keep your job search on track. You will face numerous obstacles and rejection, so a positive mental attitude is imperative in your job hunt.   The challenge is halfway done....
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Day 14: Etiquette
  The manner in which you present yourself speaks volumes about you as a person and future employee. Etiquette encompasses many practices necessary for any jobseeker looking to land a gig. Giving a proper handshake, how to dress for any occasion, and conduct yourself in a professional setting.   Here are a few etiquette tips you can test out at your next networking event.   Always allow the person of higher rank or the event host to initiate a handshake. Do not cross your legs. It may be a force of habit, but some can find it rather distracting. If you’re having a lunch meeting, do not take leftovers home. You are there for business Make sure to always confirm a dress code for any event or interview.     There are so many small tips that it’s hard to possibly cover each point. We found a great overview from LiveCareer.   We will be covering other etiquette topics in the coming days. You’ll soon learn how to dress to impress, write the perfect thank you letter...
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Day 11: The Handshake
  The beginning of any good business relationship starts with a handshake. It’s not just any old handshake; it must be firm- just not too firm.   Tip 1: Don’t have such a firm handshake that you hurt the other person. This may sound silly, but some people overcompensate thinking that the firmer the handshake the more professional he or she is. That fact is no one was impressed when your handshake crunched their fingers.   Tip 2: Conversely, a handshake can not be too limp either. Often referred to as a “deadfish”, this type of handshake leaves a lackluster first impression. Don’t daintily extend your hand and barely shake the other person’s hand. It can come across as shy. Be confident!   Tip 3: Make sure to have a free hand, preferably your right hand if that’s your dominant hand. Too often people are carrying around resumes and portfolios that they are not prepared to shake someone’s hand.   The key to a perfect handshake is all in the practice. Make it a point in...
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