Day 30: Be Persistent.
  Not every interview goes your way. The quicker you realize this fact the better. Some of the most qualified people just are not good at getting up after rejection. The quicker you get up and keep going after one rejection the faster you can pursue your next interview.   Even if this job is a lost cause, you never know when you might meet this interviewer again, either for a different job at the same company or for another company that the interviewer has moved to.   Here are 3 steps you can take to try and recover from your mistake.   1. Think back. Analyze what happened and exactly what you think gave the interviewer a bad impression. Stick to definite feedback that you received during the interview, not just a "feeling" that something you said wasn't received well. No point in apologizing for things the interviewer may not even have noticed.   For example, if the interviewer expressed surprise that you knew so little about the company, you will have to address...
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Day 29: The Importance of Thank You
  In the job search process the details matter. When ten people interview for a job, you must go the extra mile to standout in a positive way. A traditional way of leaving a good impression is following up each interview with a thank you. Whether it’s a physical letter or email, a thank you matter. Yes, you are trying to get a job, but you’re also interacting with people. Show your appreciation through a thank you note.   Thanking the recruiter or employer for his or her time and consideration goes a long way. Make sure to reference any key points from your interview. If there was any personal connection made over attending a similar school, love of certain sports team, or the like, reference that. It shows the interviewer you were engaged.   If you are giving the interviewer a physical letter, make sure you bring it to the interview personally addressed to your interviewer and sealed in an envelope. When you leave your interview, simply leave you envelope with the secretary...
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Day 27: Common Interview Questions
    Today's tip is a little bit different. Rather than go through and list common interview questions and how to answer them. We felt it would be even more effective if you heard from a top recruiter common interview questions and how to handle them.  Watch this informative video to learn how to anticipate certain interview questions and how to respond accordingly.  We hope you enjoy this alternative approach to today's tip! Happy Job Hunting!   
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Day 26: The Star Method
  Your interview is approaching and you tend to feel more and more overwhelmed. Don’t let this feeling consume you; it is totally natural. Sometimes candidates get nervous about what questions will be asked. While we did mention in our practice section, there are some ways to predict interview questions, there is no guarantee. You can only guarantee that you will provide a response.   Identify key experiences or stories that reference your resume in answering your questions. Questions may come up about conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, job skills etc. Use your selected stories to approach each question. Using the STAR method is the best way to provide a comprehensive answer.   STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. To properly use the star method, the candidate must explain the following: Situation by providing context The task you were working toward, Actionable steps taken to achieve that task Results of your actions      When asked an...
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Day 25: Professionalism
  You may think you're getting by just fine. Nobody's complained, right? But if you are always passed over for important projects or promotions, maybe it's time to take a look at yourself from your co-workers' point of view.   Here are 5 bad habits that people often fall into without even realizing it.   1. Being the last one in the room. You're the one who's consistently a couple minutes late arriving at work in the morning, coming back from break, or getting to the staff meeting. You think: What difference does five minutes make? They think: I need someone I can rely on to be there as promised.   2. Being a distraction. You interrupt people while they're working to share a great joke or the latest dirt about Supervisor X and Supply Guy Y. You play your music loud enough to be heard by your neighbors. You put your phone on speaker for every single conversation, dial tone and busy signal. You think: I'm bringing some life into this place. They think: This...
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Day 22: Interview Attire
  Presenting yourself as someone who is eager to succeed is one of the easiest and surest ways to achieve that success. Rather than just listing out the ways one can dress for business casual versus business professional (that’s what photos are for), we want to provide you key tips on how interview attire affects your interview. In this technological age, chances are the first impression you make on a recruiter is your online presence; however, your first impression in person is generally at the job interview. Dress to impress as you can not make a second first impression.   Leading up to an interview make sure to establish a dress code with the individual scheduling the interview. While you can discover the company culture and work attire online, it is always best to ask someone for a dress code. Asking in advance demonstrates forethought and diligence- two great traits to showcase to a future employer. Follow the established dress code as you do not want to disqualify yourself...
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Day 17: Company Research
Why should you bother to learn about a company you’ve sent an application to? After all, they’re the ones that should be researching you, right? Wrong.   Nothing makes a better impression on an interviewer than being familiar with the company. In fact, you are quite likely to hear the question, “What do you know about us?” during the interview. If you can come up with some ready answers to that question, you’ll demonstrate that you’re genuinely interested in working for them.   Every time you apply for a job, take 5 or 10 minutes to dig up a few facts about that business and jot them down in case you make it to the interview stage. If these facts are things that interest you personally, you’ll be more likely to remember them and discuss them enthusiastically during the interview. For example, if you’re into preserving the environment, in what eco-friendly efforts does the company engage?   Fortunately, with the internet at your disposal, it has never been easier to access...
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