Day 25: Professionalism
  You may think you're getting by just fine. Nobody's complained, right? But if you are always passed over for important projects or promotions, maybe it's time to take a look at yourself from your co-workers' point of view.   Here are 5 bad habits that people often fall into without even realizing it.   1. Being the last one in the room. You're the one who's consistently a couple minutes late arriving at work in the morning, coming back from break, or getting to the staff meeting. You think: What difference does five minutes make? They think: I need someone I can rely on to be there as promised.   2. Being a distraction. You interrupt people while they're working to share a great joke or the latest dirt about Supervisor X and Supply Guy Y. You play your music loud enough to be heard by your neighbors. You put your phone on speaker for every single conversation, dial tone and busy signal. You think: I'm bringing some life into this place. They think: This...
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Day 9: Social Media
  Do Recruiters Check Your Social Media?  In a word of evolving technology, social media is now usually your first impression on an employer or recruiter. Chances are when you’re talking to that recruiter over the phone for that pre-screening phone interview, they are looking at your profile picture or what you ate for lunch last Monday. In fact, 80% of recruiters check applicants Facebook pages prior to making a hiring decision.   Be Authethentic. Keep in mind that you have control of what information you put on the internet and what image you portray. Avoid offensive photos or controversial posts on your social media. This is particularly something to remember if your accounts are public and anyone can search them. Check your social media privacy settings to make sure you know what content is public information. A great way to check out your public online presence is through BrandYourself.com. This website flags any potentially damaging information, so you can be notified...
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Day 8: Job Boards
Traditional Job Boards  For those struggling to find jobs, looking on an online job board could be quite helpful. Though there usually tend to be many postings, if you spend enough time looking, and do so in the right place, you’ll find great opportunities. Job boards are a great starting point for anyone who has a few criteria restricting their search such as: location, field of work, salary requirements. This can help you narrow your search and illuminate certain roles. There are various kinds of job boards such as: Monster and Indeed or more specialized boards like CollegeRecruiter for recent graduates. Each of these types of boards serves a purpose. Your success with job boards varies on your ability to use them properly.   Using LinkedIn Strategically LinkedIn is more becoming a job board where companies post openings on their branded landing page. While it both are effective, some jobseekers find comfort in applying for jobs through LinkedIn as their profile is largely...
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