Day 16: Mentor
  Even after graduating school, you never stop learning. In fact, many might argue you learn more on the job than you ever did in the classroom. Regardless to which school of thought you subscribe, you need to constantly be learning new things to stay competitive in the job market. A great way to always stay up-to-date on all the new happenings in your perspective industry is to find a mentor.     This person could be a family member, close family friend or someone you meet a networking function. Don’t reach out to a complete stranger seeking mentorship. Try and find a mutual person that can introduce you to that person instead; it makes the process a lot less awkward. In the meantime, share that prospective mentor’s thoughts and content online. Chances are he or she is a thought leader and shares his or her ideas online. Follow share their ideas. Sooner or later they will notice who is a strong advocate of their ideas and work.     There is no definitive criteria that...
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