Day 21: Bookmark
Another great way to stay organized is using bookmarks. In the digital age, you view so many different websites and pages that it is so hard to remember all of the best sites you visit. Sure, you frequent some of the same ones every so often, but using some of these bookmark tools will truly improve your process.   One website we use a lot is Pocket. You can view this bookmark function on all of your devices; additionally, all of your bookmarked pages can be accessed by clicking one small button not list of links. It’s not even just for web links though. You can even integrate the bookmarking feature into 1500+ different mobile applications. With that, if you find a great posting on Monster for a position and want to bookmark it, then find a creative resume template on Pinterest, Pocket can save all of that information in one convenient place. You can craft the perfect resume for any job in this instance. Whether it’s for job search purposes or not, pocket is definitely a service...
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Day 19: Notebook
You will need to remember many things to have a successful job search. It is critical to take notes. This advice goes well beyond your job search into your eventual job. Always have a notepad and pen ready to copy down notes from a presentation or meeting. Some find this as the best way to manage their daily to-do list. It’s honestly what you make of it. For a job search applicants are constantly sending out resumes and applications that it may become confusing what and where they applied. Taking note of where you applied and for what is super important. As you progress in your search, continue to take note of the status of various applications. Note the recruiters and hiring managers you’ve met with and if you have followed up. This entire process should ensure that you do not lose your way during your job hunt.   
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