Day 21: Bookmark
Another great way to stay organized is using bookmarks. In the digital age, you view so many different websites and pages that it is so hard to remember all of the best sites you visit. Sure, you frequent some of the same ones every so often, but using some of these bookmark tools will truly improve your process.   One website we use a lot is Pocket. You can view this bookmark function on all of your devices; additionally, all of your bookmarked pages can be accessed by clicking one small button not list of links. It’s not even just for web links though. You can even integrate the bookmarking feature into 1500+ different mobile applications. With that, if you find a great posting on Monster for a position and want to bookmark it, then find a creative resume template on Pinterest, Pocket can save all of that information in one convenient place. You can craft the perfect resume for any job in this instance. Whether it’s for job search purposes or not, pocket is definitely a service...
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Day 20: Organization
  Organization is the key to survival both in your job search and when you have a job. As mentioned in the notepad section, taking note of important meetings, interviews, and steps taken throughout you job process is critical to keep your information organized. With various copies of your resume and cover letters, it is crucial to organize your job search materials so you spend more time looking for jobs than looking for your materials.   One important way to stay organized is to have a to-do list. Though we already covered the need for this item in a job search, it’s worth noting again. Itemize all of your items you need to do in your job hunt to apply for specific job or prepare yourself for an interview. Once you go through the entire list, implement another to-do list for your next application or upcoming interview. Nailing down this process allows you to have that much more time to focus on acing that next interview or attending networking events to land an interview....
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Day 7: To-Do List
Why List?  A to-do list is a great way to remain organized and productive at work. However, that is only if it is used properly. Like any tool, if used improperly, its results will not be rewarding. One problem people face when compose to-do lists is to prioritize the items. With so many different things listed, it may be overwhelming if there is not a defined plan. To prioritize better you should put them into different groups based on urgency and importance. You could also add realistic estimates for how much time it will take to complete each task. This will help you pace out your day and see which projects may require more time and attention than others. Mark Your Calendars.  One useful practice that The Muse recommends is to make your calendar a to-do list. With that, you would block off time in your day for daily or weekly activities such as: responding to emails. It is a lot easier to do that task all at once or twice a day so you can focus on other projects. This...
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