Day 26: The Star Method
  Your interview is approaching and you tend to feel more and more overwhelmed. Don’t let this feeling consume you; it is totally natural. Sometimes candidates get nervous about what questions will be asked. While we did mention in our practice section, there are some ways to predict interview questions, there is no guarantee. You can only guarantee that you will provide a response.   Identify key experiences or stories that reference your resume in answering your questions. Questions may come up about conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, job skills etc. Use your selected stories to approach each question. Using the STAR method is the best way to provide a comprehensive answer.   STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. To properly use the star method, the candidate must explain the following: Situation by providing context The task you were working toward, Actionable steps taken to achieve that task Results of your actions      When asked an...
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Day 23: Practice
Some may say practicing for an interview is definitely not necessary or something to avoid as you will become too scripted. While it is true that anything can be overdone, practice is always good for an interview in moderation.   Anticipate certain questions interviewers will ask. They should ask predominantly skill based questions or behavioral questions to help further understand what skills you bring to the job and how you interact with others. In order to harness your focus on certain questions, look at the job description very closely. You can generally guess what types of questions or topics will be asked in your interview from looking at the job requirements. This isn’t a concrete rule by any means, but it’s a good baseline to follow. If the job calls for experience with Google Analytics specifically, be prepared to note times when you used Google Analytics and examples of your proficiency.   Behavioral questions help assess a candidate’s personality and management...
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