Day 27: Common Interview Questions
    Today's tip is a little bit different. Rather than go through and list common interview questions and how to answer them. We felt it would be even more effective if you heard from a top recruiter common interview questions and how to handle them.  Watch this informative video to learn how to anticipate certain interview questions and how to respond accordingly.  We hope you enjoy this alternative approach to today's tip! Happy Job Hunting!   
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Day 26: The Star Method
  Your interview is approaching and you tend to feel more and more overwhelmed. Don’t let this feeling consume you; it is totally natural. Sometimes candidates get nervous about what questions will be asked. While we did mention in our practice section, there are some ways to predict interview questions, there is no guarantee. You can only guarantee that you will provide a response.   Identify key experiences or stories that reference your resume in answering your questions. Questions may come up about conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, job skills etc. Use your selected stories to approach each question. Using the STAR method is the best way to provide a comprehensive answer.   STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. To properly use the star method, the candidate must explain the following: Situation by providing context The task you were working toward, Actionable steps taken to achieve that task Results of your actions      When asked an...
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