Day 18: Specific Job Research
  After researching the company as a whole, a good practice is to see what types of specific job details you can research. For instance, what is the company’s organizational structure and how does that affect the position you are applying for. Each company uses various terms to denote rank weather its assistant, manager, director, or VP. The titles and how they all work together varies from company to company.   Similar to what we mentioned for the cover letter, Identify the pain points for that specific team within the organization if the information is available. For example, if you applying for a social media marketing position with a company look over their social media presence, what their respective brand is, and how they can better optimize social media. A simple way to find some of the pain points are to look at the job description and see what duties the job is looking for. While in some cases it’s hard to assess what each company does well or not if the work is not...
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