Day 24: Punctuality
  Make sure you are NOT on time for your interview. Yes, you read that correctly. Make sure you’re not on time for your next interview. Instead, be early by at least ten minutes. Meet the receptionist and introduce yourself. You never want to allow a time rush to stifle your interview. The basic idea is to eliminate all control factors that could negatively impact your interview so all you have to do is focus on landing the gig. It’s that simple.   Punctuality is not about being on time or trying to impress someone meeting a deadline. It is fundamentally about respect. If you miss an interview or show up fifteen minutes late, it is extremely disrespectful. Punctuality is a way to show courtesy of the interviewer’s time as well as an indicator of how you will potentially show up to work every day. Most hiring managers do not want to invest in someone who is late. Who’s to say that won’t be a reoccurring trend if he or she is hired full time? In short, do not eliminate yourself...
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