Day 3: Resume
While it showcases your work experience, your resume communicates even more about yourself to a recruiter. It should capture your work experience, education, certifications, and any other relevant items. It’s one of your first impressions made upon a recruiter, so make it a good one!   Free Resume Template  Rather than focus on the content or structure of your resume, we will talk about what minor changes you can make to really allow your resume to stand out. For resume content questions, check out this great article from award winning resume writer, Erin Kennedy of Professional Resume Services, Inc. If you’re still searching for a resume template that will make you stand out, we can help! Download this free resume here.     Make Your Mark To further differentiate yourself from the competition, you could create a marketing headline showcasing basic contact information such as: John Applicant   555.555.5555   japplicant@email.com. You could even tailor a job-specific phrase...
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Day 2: Work Experience
  The beginnings of any job search requires some work or volunteer experience. These past experiences may assist in determining what field of work you pursue and showcase your skillsets.   Identify Past Experiences For those fresh out of school with little to no experience in your desired field, you're not alone. This is the roadblock faced by many new graduates, as well as people of any age who are changing careers. Even those who have an employment history but it's not recent — for example, if they left the workforce to raise children — often have trouble competing in the job market. For someone who is more established in their career looking to make a change, identifying key work experiences should not be a problem.   Make Yourself Marketable The best way to communicate your work experience, particularly if you do not have any, is showcasing your non-work experience into marketable skills. Look for those that allowed you to develop your organizational, leadership,...
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