3 Benefits of Promoting Internal Employees

3 Benefits of Promoting Internal Employees

When employees struggle to get ahead, they often seek opportunities to do so elsewhere.

Unfortunately, many workers feel their employers stifle their professional growth, leading to an all-too-common revolving door.

How relevant a problem is this? A Work Institute study found that a lack of growth opportunities was the top reason for employee attrition over 10 straight years.

You invest hours and financial resources into sourcing and wooing top talent. Why would you want to allow future superstars to leave too soon? Rather than watching good performers walk out the door, nurture their ambition early and often to show them how they can grow with your company. Here are three key benefits of promoting internally:

  1. New employees will see a path toward advancement.

Maybe you feel like you’re already promoting internal employees. Still, don’t assume that your new hires understand your commitment to offering professional growth opportunities. One study suggests that 77% of workers feel unsupported when it comes to career development. To overcome this, make a point of addressing employee advancement in your onboarding and throughout weekly meetings and coaching sessions.

What are some ways to broach this subject at the dawn of your relationship with employees? Share numerous ways that they can move within the corporate ranks, being as specific as possible. You might even want to highlight how seasoned associates routinely evolve from part-timers to full-time employees within your organization. Many companies we’ve worked with have seen associates make this transition, and we’ve even seen it happen at Integrity Staffing Solutions. In fact, several leaders within our company began as temporary workers.

Keep the conversation going as new associates get settled into their roles. Work with them to develop their skills and identify opportunities for improvement, all while remaining aligned to your employees’ professional growth goals. The path toward advancement will be well-lit, plus they will know what they need to do to get there and that you support them every step of the way.

  1. You can improve employee retentionand satisfaction through mentorships.

Mentoring programs work. Whether formal or informal, they connect newer employees with long-time team members while providing the former with someone to talk with about personal and career goals beyond their manager. Plus, a good mentorship can allow your executive team to spot tomorrow’s leaders today.

For instance, part of your mentoring culture could involve bringing mentors together occasionally to discuss how they approach their mentees and how those reciprocal relationships are developing. Mentors can even spot early red flags that might indicate their mentees aren’t feeling attached to the company. This foresight allows you to stay ahead of problems and keep your team members motivated and engaged as they continue to grow with your company.

  1. Your internal hires will adapt faster to their roles.

It’s no secret that outside hires typically take longer to adjust to company culture than internal ones. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sift through external résumés to fill open positions, of course, but you should consider the efficiency of developing employees for internal promotion.

Even if someone transfers from one department to another, it won’t be as jarring as it might be for someone unfamiliar with your company’s day-to-day vibe. Yes, outside perspectives can be fresh, exciting, and needed. But effortlessly filling an open position with someone who already knows your organization, who has built relationships with all the key stakeholders, and who can skip the onboarding period needed with a new hire might make more sense. Familiarity is sometimes invaluable.

Have openings? Great. It’s time to start your recruitment journey. Just make sure you don’t overlook existing team members, including any part-timers, full-timers, and independent contractors already on your payroll. Show candidates they can grow within your company, and they will show you loyalty and that they’re in it for the long haul.

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