Light Industrial & Logistics Staffing Solutions

Providing a happy, thriving light industrial workforce that delivers.

Our coveted light industrial staffing solutions and deep pool of skilled talent helps businesses rise to today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Comprehensive Warehouse Staffing and Recruitment Services.

From warehouse pickers and packers to shippers and receivers, our quality-focused associates thrive in fast-paced environments. Find out why our supply chain workforce is the most coveted and cared-for in the industry.

Staff All Your Logistics and Light Industrial Positions with Integrity.

We deliver industrial staffing solutions that adapt with business dynamics.

That’s Integrity — a staffing partner able to flex with your evolving supply chain needs. Whether you need one full-time person or 1,000 temporary employees, quickly hire through our high-volume and temporary staffing services. Contact us today to learn how our distribution center staffing solutions can help you find the skilled local talent you need.

Hire Better Talent with Our Scalable Light Industrial Recruitment Solutions.

Get the right people when you need them. Our efficient warehouse recruitment services aren’t one-size-fits-all. We don’t just fill empty seats. We look beyond fundamental job skills to find associates who will succeed within your culture.

Provide Better Orientation & Onboarding.

A great associate experience, from day one. We tailor our onboarding processes and training programs to support your unique work environment, ensuring your new associates are set up for success.

Great onboarding leads to better retention rates and stronger worker productivity, from day one.


Onsite Teams for the Light Industrial & Logistics Industry

Integrity’s specialized light industrial staffing solutions maximize efficiencies across locations. Our centralized teams handle all the administrative work, so our onsite teams focus on getting candidates started in your buildings and keeping them safe, engaged, and productive.

Reduce Employee Turnover 15% By Pinpointing Issues

Positive experiences change the game for employee retention. Learn how Integrity uncovered and addressed issues to improve staff experiences and reduce turnover.

Why Communicating Company Goals Is Key to Better Hiring

Get on the same page with candidates about your company’s goals — early and often. Learn how to clearly communicate goals before you make an offer.

The Importance of Investing in Temporary Workers

Learn how to establish clear roles, responsibilities and a culture of inclusion that maximizes temp-to-hire workers’ experiences during and after their time with you.

As a top logistics staffing agency, we can handle anything you throw our way.

Learn how we’ve built an industry-leading full-time and temporary industrial workforce that supports some of the biggest fulfillment and logistics brands in the country.