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Supercharge Your OEM Workforce with Integrity Staffing.

Our custom OEM staffing solutions are the reliable backbone for some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturing operations nationwide, and we’re more than ready to tackle whatever challenges you throw our way.


Local OEM Staffing Services

Maintaining a steady stream of local, skilled OEM production talent is as crucial as managing the ever-persistent supply chain shortages. When the call comes to boost production from 900 to 1200 units a day in a manufacturing talent shortage, the pressure to have a skilled workforce ready to meet the surge can be overwhelming, especially for lean teams like yours.


That’s where we come in – to take the wheel for all your staffing needs.

Top Tier Talent for Every OEM Tier

Whether you’re a Tier 1 direct supplier, a Tier 2 component manufacturer, or a Tier 3 material provider, we have the industry-savvy talent you need. Our skilled associates not only thrive but excel in fast-paced, quality-driven environments.

Our skilled OEM talent pool is waiting to dive into your most critical positions:

Our associates get it right every time – guaranteed.

Just like your unwavering commitment to your quality parts, we stand behind every one of our associates with our unprecedented 8-Hour Guarantee. We’re so confident in our talent that if, by any chance, the work falls short of your standards on day one, we won’t send you an invoice.

We deliver automotive manufacturing staffing solutions that adapt to changing business dynamics.

That’s Integrity — a staffing partner able to flex with your evolving supply chain needs.


Whether you need one person or 1,000, our high-volume staffing solutions will keep your OEM engine running smoothly. When it’s time to rev up your workforce to meet surging production demands or press on the breaks during a supply shortage, our flexible staffing solutions pave the way to workforce optimization in any market condition.

Don’t leave your skilled labor recruitment to just anyone. Unlock the benefits of working with Integrity as your OEM Recruitment Specialists.

We’ve all experienced it – the transformative power of having the right team members in the right roles. With us as your staffing partner, you get an optimized workforce that drives your business forward.

Production Efficiencies: Our skilled workforce keeps your operations running at peak efficiency, saving you time and money with every tick of the clock.

Quality and Precision: We supply associates who deliver flawless work from day one, sparing you the headaches and costs of error correction.

Delivery Punctuality: With our talent on board, you can count on meeting your shipping deadlines, keeping your supply chain seamless, and your reputation untarnished.

Our commitment to our associates keeps them happy and productive, ensuring your workforce outlasts your competitors’ parts.

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Don’t hit the brakes on your custom staffing solution.

Reach out today, and let’s chat about how Integrity can help you turn your OEM dreams into a reality. We’re here to answer all your questions and create a solution that’s as unique as your needs.