MSP & VMS Staffing Services

Workforce Management Staffing Agency

Consolidate your vendors and optimize your contingent workforce management strategy with Integrity’s managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system & (VMS) solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to managed services and vendor management sets you up for success.

Improve Fill Rates

Our staffing agency’s commitment to process and quality fills your positions quickly with the right talent, every time.

Get 100% Compliance

Proactive safety programs and OSHA-certified teams help keep your safety record preserved.

Optimize Implementation

We streamline vendor management, aligning teams, processes and tech for maximum effectiveness.

Maximize Vendor Performance

Integrity ensures all vendors work together seamlessly to staff your business with top talent.

Serious industry credentials in MSP/VMS.

Integrity delivers MSP, VMS and expert workforce solutions across industries. But we have years of experience and dedicated talent pools (not to mention, a slew of awards) for each of the following sectors.

Comprehensive, optimized and measured for ROI — it’s how we deliver better MSP and VMS solutions.

Expect concierge-level service that meets you at your staffing needs. Integrity’s MSP/ VMS solutions relieve the hassles of managing multiple staffing suppliers and partners. Our approach is the most comprehensive in the industry and features:

You need a better approach to temporary staffing. Partner with an expert to help you maximize the performance of your contingent workforce with Integrity Staffing.

When WFH Isn’t An Option, Onsite Solutions Can Help

From onsite safety teams to social-distancing coaches, see a few ways Integrity helps your team navigate the return to work and keep employees safe.

Streamline Staffing Vendor Admin with an MSP

Tapping multiple vendors for temp staffing needs can feel chaotic. Take back control (and lose the stress). Here’s why you should let a master provider do the coordinating for you.

Workforce management is a team sport. Meet your team.

Serious about support and client success. One of the best parts of Integrity’s MSP and VMS solutions is the workforce management team by your side. You’ll gain a support squad of these experts and workforce specialists:

We work wherever you work.

We’re an award-winning national provider with offices in 20 states and growing.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve cultivated local market knowledge and deep talent pool across the country. That experience, when combined with our central teams, allows us to work with companies in all 50 states—even if we don’t have an office in your backyard.


It’s true. We put our associates ahead of you, the client.

Why? Because we believe our clients succeed when our associates succeed. Every day, we generate opportunities for people to exceed their own expectations, and advance careers companies and communities.

Happy associates = happy clients. It’s that simple.