Now Is The Time To Apply For Seasonal Hiring: 3 Insider Tips To Give You An Edge

Now Is The Time To Apply For Seasonal Hiring

While it may seem like 2023 started not that long ago, we’re somehow knocking on the door of the end of the year!

Before we know it, our calendars will be full of holiday commitments, and we’ll be eagerly looking forward to all the potential that a new year can bring. Before that hustle and bustle arrives, however, this is the time to gear up for your next professional opportunity.

Seasonal hiring is about to get underway and, if you’re considering a seasonal position this year, it pays to get prepared now! With employees squarely in the driver’s seat in today’s job market, more and more are appreciating the advantages of seasonal work: flexibility, the chance to develop new skills, networking opportunities, fast-paced work, and much more. But as more workers trend toward seasonal jobs, the talent competition is heating up, so it’s important to put your best foot forward.

Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have decades of experience placing seasonal talent, so here are three ideas that can help give you an edge as you enter this next season of your career:

Diversify how you present your experiences:

When it comes to resumes, job applications, and LinkedIn profiles, most of us provide a snapshot of our previous jobs: where we’ve worked, titles, and job descriptions. However, that approach may not really give employers a clear vision of all your experiences, and the skills you’ve gained through them. Consider adjacent experiences as well: volunteer work, hobbies, training, and more that could have helped you sharpen the skills the organization is looking for.

Approach the seasonal job like a permanent one:

If you were applying for a permanent, full-time job, you may do the legwork to research the company before your interview, do your interview prep, come prepared with questions, and follow up after with a courtesy email. It should be no different for a seasonal job! Candidates who prioritize professionalism throughout the process will have a major advantage—and may just leave the right impression to help pave the way for future opportunities.

Consider new opportunities:

Even if most of your past job experiences have been in one industry or one setting, such as a call center or warehouse, be open to trying something different this time around! Seasonal positions can provide workers a taste of what it’s like to be in that position year-round, so it’s a prime opportunity to build as many well-rounded experiences as you can—to pick up new skills and see where you excel. And, many employers may look favorably upon someone who’s willing to be bold, ambitious, and try something new.