3 Ways Technology Can Contribute to Higher Retention

What makes employees feel like they never want to leave a job? There are plenty of factors at play (hint: pay isn’t a huge motivator), not the least of which is the importance of the employee experience. Workers will seek greener pastures if their perception of working with a corporation sours — or if their first interactions with a business reveal that its culture doesn’t align with their own.

Most employees are relatively patient when it comes to employers bringing in different leadership or adopting new operational styles. But that tolerance has its limits, which means leaders need to focus on how to maintain employee retention by serving up a fantastic experience. Thankfully, technology can help deliver that experience.

Want to know how to improve the employee experience with the use of technology? Here are three approaches to consider adopting:

1. Practice unapologetic flexibility.

More than ever before, workers demand adaptability from their employers. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means many workers have children participating in online learning from home, while others have grandparents under self-restricted lockdowns. These demands are unlikely to change until the world gets this virus under control.

To help your people regain some level of control, why not showcase some radical flexibility in the workplace by allowing them to make their own schedules? Plenty of innovative software apps like the ones used by Uber and goPuff empower employees to construct tailor-made schedules that everyone can see — and change them whenever necessary.

2. Send team members information before they ask.

A huge complaint among workers who leave jobs is feeling out of the loop regarding important company information. To buck this trend, keep your internal messaging flowing: Share company news briefs frequently to keep employees informed. Create a “Day One” assignment packet. Build communication journeys to keep team members engaged and informed. Ensure nobody hears anything secondhand.

Again, you’ll want to leverage employee retention tools geared toward boosting automation in the workplace. Consider investing in technology that schedules and automates the sharing of companywide information. This lessens the likelihood of worker frustration, particularly if workers can adjust the flow of incoming data by frequency or channel.

3. Put employees in the driver’s seat.

When Achievers released its 2020 Engagement and Retention Report, readers learned that 90% of participants said they would stay with an employer that made changes based on their needs. Knowing this, you may want to streamline your team’s workflow to allow everyone to offer feedback and solve problems.

What type of technology tools can help? Perks like PayActiv can help reduce financial barriers. No personal interaction is required for employees to do everything from paying their rent to getting a paycheck advance Additionally, PayActiv collects analyzes employee satisfaction in real time, allowing you to make fast operational changes.

You might not see your workers every day, but that doesn’t mean the employee experience has vanished —— it’s actually more vital than ever. If keeping people is important to your company’s success, add to your tech stack. You’ll see the ROI in terms of better retention and happier colleagues.

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