Pick What Works for You: 3 Ways to Get Hired Through Integrity

A full-time position is just one of your options. If your other life/work commitments don’t allow time for a traditional 9-to-5, or you need income while waiting for your dream job to become available, there are 3 types of employment that you can apply for with Integrity.

Temp (temporary)

Short-term employment for a specified length of time, usually less than one year. When Integrity hires you as a temporary worker for one of our clients, your work hours and duties will be directed by the company where you’re assigned. However, you are actually employed by Integrity and receive your pay and benefits from us.

Temp-to-hire / contract-to-hire

You are hired for a specific period of time while the client company tests you out to see if you’d be a good choice for a full-time employee. During the test period, you remain an Integrity employee. If the client likes you, you will then transition to being their employee. This is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Direct hire

Sometimes Integrity clients will ask us to help with direct hire recruiting for a job opening on their regular staff (either full-time or part-time). In this case, we are only the agent which brings job candidates to our client’s hiring manager. If you’re hired, you will be their employee, not Integrity’s.

The pre-hire testing and interviewing process is the same or very similar for all 3 staffing options that Integrity handles. If you have any questions about what type of hire you should apply for — or already applied for — just ask your supervisor, Opportunity Center specialist or the Integrity HR department. We’re here to help!

Welcome to the right place to find your next big job opportunity.

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