The Age of the App: Optimizing Staffing for the Mobile Generation

Mobile-friendly apps have changed the way people live; and now they’re doing the same for the way we work. Here at Integrity, they certainly have increased our speed, convenience and effectiveness in every stage of the candidate and employee experience. Not to mention reducing turnover and reaping us a greater return on our human capital investment.


Candidate communications

Generations X, Y and Z communicate almost exclusively through their mobile phones. If we want to recruit, manage and deliver benefits to them, that’s where we have to be, too. Integrity’s new technology stack includes some brilliant communication capabilities that not only keep workers engaged, they reduce the workload for our staff, too — allowing them to spend less time trouble-shooting and more time moving forward.


  • AI — chatbots and real-time response to talent provide a personalized interaction for information gathering, appointment scheduling and similar routine tasks, saving human man-hours.


  • Automated messaging — nurtures active and passive leads; uses any event to trigger a communication during the hiring journey or when the worker is on assignment.


  • Marketing messaging — delivers branded, rich-media messages, reminders, surveys and videos by text or email.


Team communications

We’ve also facilitated our internal workflows with apps such as RingCentral. Team members can connect on any device to share files, keep everyone updated on task progress, and hold phone or video conferences with superb HD quality.


Real-time reporting is another big factor in team efficiency. Data is automatically delivered to help put candidates into their best-fit roles, inform marketing decisions, reduce wait times on trouble tickets, and much more.


Candidate processing

Necessitated by coronavirus safety precautions, these apps have been so successful that we’ll be keeping them as a fast, convenient option that both job applicants and recruiters love.


Candidates can now fill out an application, take their assessment tests, have their interview, submit employment documents and complete their onboarding, all from their mobile phone (or any internet-connected) screen.


Flexible staffing

One app which we developed ourselves in response to the needs of our clients, is FlexForce. Clients input their shift needs directly into the app, and within minutes get a response from available associates. Associates can also swap or share shifts with each other as necessary, ensuring that the client has a full complement of workers at all times.


Pay access

Undoubtedly our most popular app ever is PayActiv, which allows associates to receive their pay as soon as it’s earned instead of waiting for payday. Their money is transferred to any bank, debit or prepaid card, or picked up as cash from a Walmart Money Center. Associates can also pay bills, order Uber rides, save on prescriptions and utilize budgeting tools, all directly from the app.


Learn more about Integrity Staffing’s recruitment apps

Integrity believes that when our teams and associates perform at their best, our clients reap the benefits. Our new and  constantly evolving technology stack is playing an increasingly important role in keeping us at the forefront of the staffing industry and empowering the success of our clients. To learn more, visit our websiteemail us or call 1.888.446.1300.