“Associate First” Is More Than A Motto

Associate First Is More Than A Motto

In most businesses, clients are the top priority—

but here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, our associates are our main focus. And for good reason!

While our company aims to help employers transform their talent strategies, none of that is possible if the talent themselves aren’t happy! A business with a disengaged, dissatisfied workforce isn’t going to meet its objectives—and that means our work wasn’t done right. So, instead of prioritizing the bottom line of our business clients, we instead invest first in the associates. After all, a business is nothing without its people!

What does an associate-first atmosphere look like? Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, it takes on a bunch of forms. For instance, we want employment to be as easy as possible for our associates, from day one, so we work to get candidates in the door to their next job quickly and seamlessly. Throughout their employment, associates can be confident that Integrity is looking out for their well-being—from COVID-related safety precautions to tailoring schedules to each associate’s individual situation. While we are eager for our associates to work hard and learn a lot on the job, being associate-first means that we also want workers to have a healthy work/life balance.

To that end, our view of employee health also extends to financial wellness. With our PayActiv tool, associates can access up to half of their earned wages before payday. Especially in today’s environment, we know that managing finances is no easy feat! That’s why we want to give workers the ability to use the money that they’ve earned however they see fit—when they need it. And we also work to use our own financial investments smartly—giving back to a number of organizations and causes in the communities in which our associates live and work.

As we put our associates first in these (and many more!) ways, it helps fuel the culture we have here at Integrity Staffing Solutions. It’s one in which feelings of belonging and inclusion thrive, and where associates feel like they can bring their very best selves to work—because each person knows their contributions and unique skill sets are valued. That feeling fuels excitement for each new role or project, an eagerness to work as teammates, and an investment in the success of the organization. And, to us, that means our associate-first mindset has paid off!