Celebrate Job Action Day with a Step Towards Your Dream Career

The first Monday in November is National Job Action Day — the day to “recognize and empower those who dream of having a job they love.” It’s a day for both workers and employers to think about turning those dreams into actionable goals.

Ideas for Workers

There are many ways to take that first (or next) step. It all depends on how you define career satisfaction: improving your current job, looking for advancement with the same or another employer, acquiring the skills to switch to a completely different field or starting your own business. Here are some suggestions for honoring your own Job Action Day.

1. Get some mentoring. People who already have the career you want are the best sources of information on how to get there. Respectfully ask for a one-hour meeting (in person or online) where you can pick their brain.

2. Go to a job fair. This is another excellent way to learn about the options and opportunities from experts in your current or future field. Pass out resumes, schedule interviews, network with the other attendees.

3. Customize your resume and cover letter. The more closely they match the jobs you’re applying for, the better your chances, so it pays to create a unique version that focuses on your strengths as they relate to that role.

4. Map out your route. The dream won’t become a reality until you have a step-by-step process for achieving it. Example: to start a business, you will need funding, a business plan, a product, market research, a location, legal/tax/licensing documents and a bookkeeping system.

Ideas for Employers

One of Integrity’s core values is empowering people to exceed their own expectations. That principle has led to the creation of several popular programs which Integrity associates can leverage to grow their careers.

1. Next Step U. Our partnership with Penn Foster offers online courses such as computer skills, bookkeeping and administration completely free for all Integrity associates and employees to take that next step up their career ladder.

2. PayActiv. Giving associates pre-payday access to their earned wages, it helps prevent one of the biggest obstacles to life and career advancement: debt, especially high interest credit cards and payday loans.

3. Project Home. This award-winning program assists associates faced with homelessness, in the form of both money (for rent deposits, food, furniture, etc.) and fast connections to other community aid organizations.

These are just a few ideas to get your thoughts started. What will you do for Job Action Day?

Welcome to the right place to find your next big job opportunity.

Let’s work together.