Celebrating Women’s Week: Recognizing Diversity as a Superpower

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

  This week, the world is applauding the work of women everywhere, the advances that have been made for women’s rights and the women who’ve helped them become a reality—along with recognizing all of the work that still remains to be done. Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, we’re using this opportunity to not only celebrate the women behind our work but also to recognize how integral diversity can be to company culture—not just this week or this Women’s History Month but throughout the entire year. Ensuring equitable access to women and all underrepresented populations in the workplace has never been more important. The pandemic has been a driving factor behind the exit of millions of women from the workforce over the last two years, as women shoulder the brunt of added child- and elder responsibilities during COVID, as well as the increasing blurred lines between work and home. Black and Latina women, in particular, have been particularly affected disproportionately—dialing back progress for women in the workplace by decades. Clearly, it’s time for organizations to act! Companies need to ensure their workplaces are not only designed to welcome these women back to the workforce but to ensure those who are still among the ranks can stay. Employers are taking different paths to pursue that reality. Some are tapping into tech to examine pay inequities and guarantee that all employees, regardless of gender or other factors, are paid what they’re worth. Others are zeroing in on benefits and policies to make their organizations more attractive to working women, including offering hybrid and flexible arrangements. Still others are working to root out bias and discrimination—from the language of job requisitions to hiring and promotion processes—to give women an equal shot at leadership. All of this work is dependent upon a culture that authentically understands the power of diversity in the workplace. Whereas being a woman—or a member of another underrepresented population—was once considered to be an obstacle that needed to be overcome, both employers and employees are increasingly recognizing that diversity in the ranks of an organization is something to be sought after. The more diverse a company’s workforce is, the more unique viewpoints, ideas, perspectives and skills are in the mix—and that breadth of experience can fuel innovation. Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, we’ve long recognized that diversity is something to be celebrated. We’re proud of the fact that more than half of our leadership team is comprised of women and that our culture is rooted in upward mobility for all associates—giving all of our workers an equal path to climb the ladder and share their skills. Our Chief Financial Officer Jamie Donnelly, for instance, joined us in 2001 in a recruiting role and was empowered to pursue her passions—and ultimately rose through the ranks to the C-suite. That’s exactly what our culture is all about: investing in the potential of all of our workers! We know that each associate brings something unique to the fabric of our company—and we’re proud that the diversity of Integrity Staffing Solutions is what is driving us into the future.