Channeling Your Zen This Holiday Season

Channeling Your Zen This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here!

It’s a time of year that many look forward to—filled with family, a break from work, traditions and lots of opportunities to make new memories. But, that’s not to say the feeling is always universal! The holidays can stir up family stress, financial worries and loneliness—and the expectations for an enjoyable holiday season can kick anxiety into high gear.

That’s why it’s critical to tend to your own mental wellbeing, both this season and throughout the year. If your mental health is suffering and you don’t prioritize it, you not only risk missing out on the joy that the holiday season can bring, but you could be heading down a path with more troubles ahead.

So, how can you make you a priority this time of year? Here are a few simple ideas to get started:

Take stock of your interests and pursue them

With holiday shopping, busy work schedules and social commitments, the holiday season can fly by in a blur of stress and to-do lists—which leave no room for things that you truly like doing. Whether it’s watching a particular show, working out, cooking, relaxing with a book or even investing the time to pursue a new role or step in your career, make sure to disconnect from the stressors in your life and let yourself just enjoy being you!

Set boundaries at work

The challenge of juggling work and home life can be tough throughout the year, but especially so during the holidays. To keep your cool this season, stay committed to being present—focusing on work when you’re working, and focusing on yourself and your personal life when you’re not on the clock. Silence your phone while on the job, and turn off your work email after you’re done for the day. When you’re distracted, you’re not being the best you.

Set boundaries with your loved ones

While we all likely love the family time that the holidays can bring, tricky family dynamics can also be an added stress. Go into the holidays knowing how much time you want to spend with family, the things you do (and don’t!) want to do, and make sure to communicate that. Remember, your time is valuable—and it’s all yours!

Keep things in perspective

The holidays can be hard—but they’re temporary. After the new year, the hubbub dies down, the presents get put away, the decorations come down and it’s time to start a brand new year. Take this time to relax, recharge and get ready and excited for all that’s coming your way in 2023!