Traditional Hiring vs. Temporary Staffing: What’s The Difference?

Traditional Hiring vs. Temporary Staffing: What’s The Difference?

You’re on the hunt for a new job—congratulations! The job search process can be an exciting time, as you look forward to a new opportunity to take a step forward in your career.

However, it’s not without its challenges, as traditional hiring can be a tedious, time-consuming experience that may leave job candidates feeling frustrated. That’s why many instead turn to a staffing agency, like Integrity Staffing Solutions. Let’s break down what the difference is.

Hiring vs. staffing

With traditional hiring, job seekers manage the application process independently: searching for open positions, sending application materials, scheduling interviews and responding to requests for onboarding paperwork—all before the big first day on the job. As candidates are likely pursuing many different opportunities at once, it can be a dizzying time, full of phone calls, emails and tons of waiting—and while you wait, you’re likely eager to start work and get more money into your pocket.

On the other hand, a staffing agency serves as the middleman between the candidate and the employer, making for a quicker, more efficient process. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we use our decades of experience to find the best partnerships, matching the right talent to the right role, all much faster and more seamlessly than with traditional hiring. When applicants pursue positions on their own, it often involves a lot of guesswork on their part—which organization is the best fit, if their skills are a match, how they should best prepare and present their application—but with a staffing agency like Integrity, job seekers are able to have the peace of mind that the process is being handled by experts. A staffing agency also alleviates much of the grunt work of the job-search process, as candidates can avoid all the paperwork and red tape—freeing them up to sharpen their skills and get excited for a new opportunity.

What staffing means for you

If you’re heading down the staffing route for the first time, you may wonder what the process looks like. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we operate with an associate-first mindset—so we keep you, the candidate, at the forefront all the time! That means that we work to make the entire hiring process flow smoothly, from start to finish, eliminating many of the challenges that traditional hiring brings.

Instead of candidates having to spend tons of time scouring all across the internet for open positions, Integrity’s Opportunity Engine tool allows you to input what you’re looking for in a job—such as the area where you’re located and the type of industry you’re looking for work in—and then we do the legwork of matching you to open positions. The tool guides you through the application process, including interviews and onboarding, and we can get you reporting for work in just a matter of days. Once you’re hired, that same level of support continues, with associates able to schedule shifts, access pay and more, all through the convenience of the mobile app.

While many job candidates have gotten used to the lengthy, complicated process of pursuing a new role, today’s workforce requires a new approach: a fast-paced, on-demand experience that centers the needs of you, the candidate. With an associate-first staffing experience, you can let the experts handle the stress of finding your next job and instead just enjoy the ride!