Ease Out of Your Summer Mindset

Ease Out of Your Summer Mindset

How do you make the transition to work and school mode without too much stress?

Here are some ideas to help you refocus.

Take it slow.

Many of us, when we realize there’s only a week or two of summer break left, try to cram in all the parties and other activities we didn’t get around to. So when you do “fall back,” it will be a much bigger shock to the system.

Instead, cut back gradually on summer events and give yourself more time to recharge body and mind.

Savor every moment.

Having fewer activities on your end-of-summer agenda will allow you to more deeply enjoy the ones you do attend. These may well be your best memories of the whole summer.

Likewise, enjoy your alone time by indulging in favorite hobbies or self-care rituals. And don’t feel guilty for just chilling in front of the TV.

Get sleep back on track.

Did your summer have quite a few late nights out and mornings sleeping in? Then it will be hard to jump right back into your work/school sleep pattern. Sudden, drastic changes in sleep schedule can leave you feeling jet-lagged and not performing well on the job.

Start now to make the change gradually over a week or more. That way, it’ll be easier to fall asleep and wake up on time when you need to for real.

Think ahead.

What do you hope to accomplish in the coming work/school year? Spend some time planning out your priorities, new projects to start and old projects to finish.

Your plan doesn’t need to be all that detailed or set in stone. The goal right now is to just think about it, which will get you mentally ready to hit the ground running on back-to-school/work day.

Shop ahead.

The silver lining in the back-to-fall transition is stocking up on new things to wear and use. Go ahead, treat yourself to a wardrobe update, a stylish new lunch box or the latest technology in work/study aids. You’ll feel so much better if you’re all tricked out when you arrive back at the daily grind!

Change — even positive change — is stressful. The key to making it less so is to do it slowly and take it easy on yourself. With these tips, you’ll arrive back at “normal” life already at the top of your game!