Embracing Earth Day

Embracing Earth Day

Are you going green this Earth Day? We hope so! Pitching in for an employer’s volunteer day to beautify your community or helping plant trees at your local park are great ways to give back and raise awareness this Earth Day. But becoming truly eco-conscious needs to be much more than a once-a-year effort!

Doing your part to take care of the planet doesn’t have to be challenging, or time-consuming. However, it might involve a bit of a mindset shift—so you can bring your focus every day back to the small tasks you can accomplish that will make the world healthier and more sustainable.

4 ways to go green every day

In today’s busy world, no one needs to add more to their daily to-do list! But once you make environmental friendliness a priority, small actions can become ingrained habits. Here are a few things to rethink:

Food and beverage choices

According to the UN, the world produces more than 430 million tons of plastic each year, most of which is quickly wasted. A simple way to rethink your reliance on plastic is by reconsidering how and what you eat and drink. Instead of buying a water bottle from the vending machine at work each day, for instance, invest in a reusable bottle—better for the environment and may help you drink more water throughout the day! Ditch the plastic bags if you pack a lunch for work or school and opt instead for reusable containers. And if you’re grabbing food out, try to patronize venues that serve locally sourced items, whose production and distribution have less of an impact on the environment.


If you work in the office, your daily commute can be driving up harmful carbon dioxide emissions. See if colleagues who live in your area would be interested in carpooling (and save on gas money!), look into public transportation or, if it’s feasible, hop on a bicycle or lace up your walking shoes.

Your space

In today’s hybrid and remote environments, there are ways at-home workers can rejuvenate their spaces with the environment in mind. For instance, turn off the A/C and open up the windows this spring and summer, and keep those blinds up to let in the natural light and reduce your reliance on electricity (and your electric bill in the process!).

How you shop

Like daily food consumption, think local when it comes to grocery and other household shopping. Each online order you place can drive up emissions, plastic waste and more.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to think about how you influence the planet—and to make a plan to stay motivated as you strive for a healthier impact!