Find A Company That Advocates For You

Find A Company That Advocates For You

At Integrity, our first and foremost core values is “Advocate for our Associates’ Success”

And for good reason! For us, this means focusing on the little things — the unexpected things — that matter most to you, our associates, and consistently meeting your needs. To best support you, we try to look at things from your perspective, in order to provide insight on what matters most to you.

During the Great Resignation, we know job seeker priorities are shifting. We want you to feel valued so we do our best to have your back in the workplace and outside of it. We have heard from you—our associates—that pay flexibility and convenience are important, along with opportunity for continued education, and transferrable job skills. This is why we offer the following perks to keep you motivated and engaged:

Convenient Compensation

We use Payactiv—a financial tool that allows you early access to your earned wages! Funds are directly deposited into your bank account for immediate access. We want our associates to have the money they’ve worked for when they need it to encourage better spending, which leads to, you guessed it, better financial planning.

Financial Planning Resources

The perks of Payactiv don’t end there! The app includes a variety of features that can help you better meet your long-term financial goals—and achieve lasting success. Budget planning, savings tracking and financial counseling are a few ways that you can use the app. Bottom line, we help make it possible for your money to work for you!

Education Advancement

We know that tuition and student loans can be huge burdens and barriers to learning. That is why we offer Next Step Universityfree online education with diverse courses. Next Step U is a partnership with Penn Foster, an accredited online learning institution for career skills. You can choose from computer programs, like Microsoft Office, to management training to basic English. By delivering these programs online on a mobile-friendly platform, you are offered the flexibility to learn when and where you want. Furthermore, our programs are self-paced so you can move through the content at a speed that’s right for you!


Tailored Placement

A common complaint of people reluctant to try staffing is feeling like they get lost in the shuffle. We don’t blame them! Who would want to feel like just another face in the crowd? We apply our strongest efforts to ensure we place job seekers in the role that suites them best. We also take into consideration your schedule, your experience, and your interests to get you on the right track toward where you want to go. Our recruiters will work one-on-one with you to make certain each need is met so you can feel comfortable and confident as you take another step forward in your career journey.

Happiness is our most important metric; at Integrity we are only happy when our associates are happy. If you are thinking about joining us, reach out and let us know how we can best advocate for YOU!