Go Green and Save Green

Go Green And Save Green

How did you celebrate Earth Day this year?

Working on your garden, joining a neighborhood clean-up project, cooking yourself a clean, healthy meal? No matter how you honored the occasion, giving back to the planet is a worthwhile cause—but it doesn’t have to just be done one day a year!

Earth Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the value of going green, but truly living in a way that prioritizes the health of our planet is a year-round venture—and it can be a tough one! But tough doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. In fact, going green actually can help you save quite a lot of money (and that’s something we can all celebrate!).

Here are a few ideas to get you saving the planet (and your wallet) all year-round:


Ditch the waste

Plastic water bottles are a prime example of money waste: We buy them, use them and toss them right away; even though the cost of a water isn’t much, it can certainly add up over time. Instead, save some dough and support the planet by investing in a reusable bottle, which can be great for bringing to work and staying hydrated, and a filter system to use purified tap water at home.


Repurpose, not replace

If you’re doing some spring cleaning, think about how you could reuse some of your items, instead of simply getting rid of them. Clothes you’re parting with, for instance, can be cut up and used as rags (also saving yourself money on paper towels that become trash right away!). Even used food jars can be cleaned and used for kitchen storage. Just take a pause before you get ready to trash something and think about if it could be put to a better use!


Rethink your habits

We’re all guilty of it: going from one room to the next, leaving lights, TVs, fans and other devices on. While it seems minor, the waste can add up! Save energy, and some cash on your electric bill, by being more mindful about your day-to-day habits.


Use your surroundings

A great way to go green is by getting more in touch with your natural environment. Walk to work instead of driving or taking a bus, fling open the windows when the weather gets warm instead of cranking up the A/C, plan your next night out as a picnic at the local park instead of a restaurant (notorious for wasting food, and money!). The great outdoors offers ample opportunities to reconsider how we use natural resources—and can give you lots of inspiration for staying green throughout the year!