5 Tricks To Help You Keep A Growth Mindset Throughout The Year

Keep A Growth Mindset Throughout The Year

5 Tricks To Help You Keep A Growth Mindset Throughout The Year

New Year’s resolutions: You love them or you hate them—but chances are, you’ve likely encountered some difficulty sticking to them! Resolutions often fail because they’re focused on change, and that change can be too big, too unrealistic, and not driven by real, underlying motivation. Want to still make some moves without worrying about the pressure of a formal resolution? Think instead about developing a growth mindset.

When you’re committed to growth, you’re not singularly focused on hitting a particular objective. Instead, you’re open to new opportunities, new lessons, new paths—it’s just all about learning! That takes a lot of the pressure off and instead allows you the room to evolve realistically (and often, successfully!).

If you’re hoping to develop a growth mindset in 2024, here are five tips to keep in mind:

Learn what drives you

The key to a growth mindset is understanding yourself. To stay motivated and open to learning, you have to know what makes you motivated and want to learn! Do some self-reflection: Think about the times you’ve thrived through challenges and what helped get you over the finish line, and use that as an example to keep yourself engaged in growth. Plus, having a good handle on the outcomes you want from your growth journey—building the foundation for a career, developing new skills, and gaining confidence—can help guide you.

Embrace failure

Even those who have perfected the growth mindset are going to run into roadblocks—and they won’t always successfully overcome them. But that’s OK! True growth is about learning from successes and failures. Didn’t get the job you were after? With a growth mindset, you could look at that not as a loss but as an opportunity to learn how to strengthen your candidacy for the next role.

Seek out help

Staying focused on your growth isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. Enlist family or friends on this journey and help keep one another positive and motivated as you strive toward your goals. You can even call in the experts. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have decades of experience helping our associates create the careers of their dreams—and key to that success is empowering them to focus on their own growth. Our benefits and attention to employee development support our associates as they work hard to grow personally and professionally.

Don’t just reward the wins

It feels great to applaud yourself for a job well done! A new role, a promotion, a pay raise—all wins for those with a growth mindset. However, with a growth mindset, it’s also important to acknowledge your hard work even if you don’t get the outcomes you’re looking for. Celebrate the effort you put in, as there can be important lessons there for your growth.

Learning for life

From entry-level to the CEO spot, no matter where your career is, someone with a true growth mindset never stops learning. Be proactive! Seek out online courses and training for skills you want to brush up on. Join a local (or virtual) networking group to make new connections that can bring valuable career and life lessons. And stay curious! Question yourself and others; no matter how big or small, the answers you receive just might provide the lessons to drive your growth forward.