Turn Your Hobby Into A Career Hack

Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

Turn Your Hobby Into A Career Hacks

When you hear the word “hobby,” you may think of stamp collecting, video games or sports. Hobbies are often thought of as fun and engaging activities but rarely are considered to add any deep meaning to our lives. However, this National Hobby Month, let’s turn that thinking around!

A hobby is a prime way to get in touch with your skills, interests, and motivation. That can give you the drive you need to make your next big career move—and to ensure it aligns with what truly brings you joy.

Here are a few strategies for transforming your hobby into a steppingstone for an engaging, fulfilling career:

Transfer Your Hobby Skills Into Career Skills

Whether you realize it or not, any time you practice your hobby, you’re sharpening your skills! If you love to jog, for instance, each time you hit the running trail, you’re honing your ability to remain calm through physical challenge. Or if you like to travel, you’re likely continuously learning and having to broaden your mindset as you encounter new people and cultures.

These are traits that can help you in the workplace! Analyze what skills you put to work in your hobbies and use that as you work toward your next career move. Knowing the skills you flex in your personal life can give you plenty of material to talk about in a job interview and can even be something to showcase on your resume.

Make Hobby Connections

Chances are, whatever hobby you have, many other people also enjoy it! Hobbies are a great way to broaden your personal circle—and that can, in turn, help you make lasting professional connections. Join networking groups of folks who share your same interests and use those connections strategically. People in your network can serve as job references, mentors or may even be a link to the next organization or role you’re eyeing up.

Learn from Failure

We’ve all heard how important it is to learn from your mistakes, but making a mistake at work is certainly not on most employees’ agenda! With a hobby, however, it can be a bit easier to not strive for perfection—and because of that, you may be more open to making and learning from mistakes. That can be an important experience, giving you the knowledge and confidence that you can transfer into your professional path.

Soak Up The Inspiration

Having a hobby is, in itself, a form of self-care! It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in what you’re passionate about, and that can help you bring motivation and focus to all facets of your life. So, soak it up! Practice your hobby as often as you can and notice the impact on your overall wellness. When you tend to your well-being, you can develop a more positive, driven mindset—and that can help you create a lasting foundation for a rewarding career.

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