How to Brag About Your Business to Candidates

There’s a company’s public-facing brand. Then there’s its employer brand — how it’s perceived as a place to work by former, current and potential employees. Although the latter addresses a different audience, it requires the same care as the first in order to attract the people you want.


And that means doing a little bragging. When marketing to the public, you tell them about your fantastic products, services, reliability, quality and so on. Similarly, to attract the best talent, you must convince them that they will have a good experience working for you. In both cases, your bragging begins before you advertise a product or post a job opening.


Strategies for boosting your employer brand include:


  • Using your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge employee satisfaction and guide organizational changes
  • Monitoring employer review platforms such as
  • Offering competitive salary/benefits packages
  • Establishing employee-friendly policies such as remote work, safety procedures, child care, tuition aid and opportunities for growth
  • Providing a good cultural environment
  • Promoting the brand through advertising channels, communities and grass roots efforts
  • Candidate assessment and forecasting technology to hire people most likely to be successful, and thus give you a positive employer brand rating


For many of these strategies, Integrity Staffing’s RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services can provide the capabilities that an internal HR department might not have time for. Here’s how we help you promote your employer brand to find — and hire — the best job candidates on the market.


White Label Marketing

We market job opportunities and source candidates under your company brand. To candidates, every touchpoint looks like your business — not ours.


Customized Solutions

Recruitment processes and marketing plans are customized for your company’s unique parameters, such as skills needed, jobsite location and time to implement.


Candidate Communication

Throughout the candidate’s journey, our state-of-the-art tracking software plus a stack of specialized apps keep the individual informed and engaged, giving them a favorable impression of your employer brand.


Pre-Screened Candidates

We qualify candidates with hard and soft skills assessments — seeking both the job knowledge and personality traits that will make successful employees within your company culture. Only then are the cream of the crop presented to your HR team to decide who they want to meet. We can also help with interview administrative work such as scheduling appointments.



Integrity completes the hiring journey with job offers, background checks, drug testing, orientation and onboarding activities.


Integrity Staffing’s RPO does more for your bottom line than allow you to maintain a leaner HR department and reduce staffing overhead costs. RPO also delivers these benefits:


  • Employer brand building and support
  • Improved, consistent candidate experience
  • Advanced candidate assessments for reduced turnover and increased productivity
  • Scalable for fluctuating needs, rapid growth and tight deadlines


To learn more about Integrity’s RPO or other staffing services, visit our websiteemail us or call 1.888.446.1300.

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