How to Score Big This Summer

How To Score Big With Your Career

Summertime is just around the corner!

While you may have big plans of soaking up the sun on a beach or vegging out in front of your favorite show, the slower summer months can also present a great opportunity to get a step ahead—in your savings, your career and your overall approach to life. Sure, you can kick back and relax as the weather warms up, but you can also light a fire under yourself to give your best to all of your goals.

If you’re looking to store up some cash while also flexing some new skills, Integrity Staffing Solutions offers a diverse range of gig opportunities for you to explore. Summer is the perfect time for a side hustle—allowing you to bring in some extra income to cover all of those summer vacations you’re adding to your calendar, with a bit left over for savings! Not to mention, a part-time position where you can gain some valuable, hands-on experience won’t only give your wallet a boost, but can also be a major value-add for your resume.

And Integrity makes finding those gigs easy! On our website, search our entire database of open roles, exploring by factors like location, job title, industry—and you can even get tailored recommendations from one of our experts. As the world of work changes and more and more employees look to part-time and temporary roles as part of their career strategy, now is the ideal opportunity to get your feet wet in the side gig business.

Part-time work can be a great way to help get your finances in order, but that’s not the only opportunity for savings this summer. Associates at Integrity Staffing Solutions have the unique chance to make some extra money—all by simply connecting the talented folks in their life with a new job! Here’s how it works: The Integrity Referral Programs allows associates to share a personalized referral link with friends and family, and get $100 for any person who gets hired and works at least 80 hours. There’s no cap on the number of people you can successfully refer, so get the word out! And each new associate you refer also gets $25—so you all score!

You can also take advantage of all of the other benefits of being an Integrity associate: For instance, with our PayActiv tool, you can tap into your earnings before pay day—another great way to get your financial health in top shape. And use this summer to lean into your PTO plan to give your work/life balance the refresher it needs, while also leveraging our employee assistance program to access the wellbeing support that can give your summer a lift.

This summer, make time to invest in your health, your future and all of the potential you have with your career at Integrity Staffing Solutions!