How to Stand Out on Your Assignment with Integrity Staffing

It may be “only temporary,” but it can lead to great things. We’ve had hundreds of our associates who made a great impression get offered a full-time job with our client. So if that’s your goal — or you want to get known as a top associate for future assignments — read on!

Ask for help whenever you need it.

As a new team member, you will have a great deal of information thrown at you very fast. Nobody expects you to remember it all on the first day — but you do need to know it all if you’re going to do a good job. So don’t hesitate to ask for something to be explained or repeated. Team members and leaders will be delighted to help, because when you succeed at your new tasks you make them look good too.

Get to work on time, every time.

You don’t want the client writing you off as unreliable or unambitious. It’s a good idea to actually aim for being 10 or 15 minutes early, at least while you’re getting familiar with the commute. That way, if something does go wrong — like a traffic jam —you won’t be late.

Make a transportation plan B.

Cars can refuse to start. Carpool buddies can let you down. Don’t wait until you’re in panic mode to figure out what to do. Be prepared with a current bus schedule or an Uber account.

Make yourself comfortable.

Being uncomfortable while working is distracting and exhausting, especially if your job is physically demanding. And that means your performance will suffer. The most important wardrobe item is comfortable shoes. Many of our warehouse associates swear by athletic shoes engineered for walking, with gel insoles added for extra cushioning.

Build relationships with your co-workers.

The people you work with can be a fantastic support system. They can show you the ropes and help you out when the going gets tough. Make the friendship a two-way street by offering help as much as you receive it.

Respond positively to feedback.

Most companies and team leaders have procedures in place to periodically let you know how you’re performing. Whatever they say — good or bad — answer that you will try (even more) to up your game. This willingness to change, learn and grow makes a great impression. Plus, it just might inspire you to exceed your own expectations!

Welcome to the right place to find your next big job opportunity.

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