Is Virtual Hiring Here to Stay?

2020 served as an introduction to virtual reality recruitment for several industries, including a faster-than-expected adoption of the technology in many cases. As hiring went contactless, virtual recruiting strategies gained traction to produce immersive candidate experiences and innovative hiring practices.


There are stark contrasts between virtual and traditional hiring practices, including the level of support and guidance candidates expect from in-person recruiting. Companies that embrace virtual recruiting strategies and remote onboarding should be intentional about each step and use virtual recruiting tools to be present with candidates without actually being in the same room.


As more companies master virtual recruiting strategies, it’s clearly here to stay. But how will it evolve moving forward?


The Future of Virtual Reality Recruiting


According to Gartner, 86% of companies used virtual recruiting tools to fill remote openings in 2020. While it was the only option available at the time due to lockdowns across the country, people are still working remotely today. This means virtual recruiting strategies will need to continue to mature.


Here are two ways we see that happening.


1. Digitization Will Evolve: In the early 2000s, many companies adopted online application processes, which posed a considerable learning curve for paper application advocates. Virtual applications and recruiting are great examples of innovative hiring practices and the effect of digitization on the candidate process.


But digitized hiring can go even further. Look at the companies worldwide that continue to use recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO. Vendors can use RPO to outsource all or part of their recruitment process to a staffing partner that, in turn, provides online recruitment support to help meet hiring objectives.


At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we lean on modernized digital practices and solutions to simplify the candidate journey. We offer a virtual job tour for applicants within the pipeline that allows talent to visualize and experience what an average day in their prospective job might look like. This approach allows us to practice a “show don’t tell” mindset by immersing candidates in the day to day of a job while getting a sense of whether it’s the right fit for them.


With virtual recruiting solutions, applicants will feel more empowered to approach the candidate experience at their own pace. Look for ways that virtual recruiting tools can amplify your hiring processes. Use video, audio, or other tangible solutions to add a layer of clarity for remote candidates interested in joining your company.


2. Humanization Will Be a Must-Have: A commitment to virtual hiring doesn’t mean a human touch is less important for finding and hiring prospects. As virtual recruiting strategies become the standard, that human touch actually becomes more important.


Look for any opportunity to infuse your candidates’ digital experience with a personal touch. One approach we have taken involves designated virtual recruiting centers. We realize many of our associates are on the run and might not have time to apply for new jobs between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Our virtual centers are set up in communities and enable associates to drop in 24/7 and connect with a virtual recruiter to discuss any positions that might interest them.


For more immediate humanization tactics, it makes sense to lean on old standbys. Personalize email communication, call candidates on the phone, or deploy chat agents. Do whatever you can to put a friendly face (or voice) on the other end of the screen to add a human element to virtual hiring.


The job market is only getting more competitive, and employers will continue to use virtual recruiting tools to onboard employees worldwide. By including a human element in your virtual recruiting strategies and preparing for further digitization, you’ll be ready to engage qualified global applicants well into the foreseeable future.

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