Ways To Love Your Job More

Ways To Love Your Job More

The month of February means one thing: love! Valentine’s Day gives people everywhere the opportunity to celebrate all the love they have in their lives. But it’s not just family and friends who can bring love to our lives; what about the one place where many Americans spend most of their days? Wouldn’t it be great if you felt just as sentimental toward your job as did toward your sweetheart?

Fall back in love with your job

Many workers start a new job just like they start a new romance—with excitement and energy! After all, there was something that drew you to apply for the role to begin with. But after some time, that enthusiasm may slip, and you may start feeling the effects in other areas of your life.

Let’s face it: When we have a great day at work, everything seems to go better: It improves our outlook, our positivity, our relationships, maybe even our sleep. So, what if every day was a good day at work? For people in love with their jobs, that just may happen!

And when it does, it can both make our personal and professional lives go smoother. A recent report published in Bloomberg found that when people feel supported and satisfied at work, they’re more productive and innovative. In turn, that success at work can give employees the confidence and credibility they need to propel their careers forward.

Change your relationship with work

To capture all those benefits of loving your job, it comes down to rethinking work itself! You shouldn’t consider work a place to go but rather something you do—and because of that, it should add meaning to your life, just like a relationship.

And like any relationship, it needs a little work and a bit of strategy to make it successful. Here are a few ways to re-evaluate your relationship with your work:

  • Consider what you really want: In the last few years since the pandemic, employees everywhere have likely had at least a passing thought about the role of work in their lives. It’s something you must consider if you want to find even greater happiness in your job! Do you want to work to develop new skills, to make connections, to help an organization meet its mission, to provide benefits for your family? There could be any number of things you want out of a job—and knowing just what they are can mean the difference between a person who loves or hates their job.
  • Then, go find it!: If your employer isn’t delivering what you’re looking for out of a job, use that as motivation to find one who will! Look to your job goals as your guide, and stay open to new opportunities. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we’ve connected countless candidates over the years with right-fit jobs—and it’s because we worked with them to help them understand just what they’re looking for and then matched them to the organization and role that fit that mold.
  • Keep yourself a priority: Many times, we may make job decisions for the wrong reasons, such as money or fear. To find and stay with a job that truly fits what makes you happy, you have to focus on yourself first. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we want employees to prioritize their own happiness just as much as we do! We take an associate-first approach, providing our associates a full range of benefits and resources to help them feel supported both at work and at home. And we want all of our employees to love themselves—and their jobs—just as much!