Our Nominee for Superhero Day: The Essential Worker

Our Nominee for Superhero Day

April 28 is Superhero Day — the annual recognition of people with extraordinary powers, both real and fictional. This year, we’d like to do something a bit different. We’re honoring the ordinary people who stepped up and provided essential services during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

These workers continued to show up each day for the greater good, providing Americans with the necessities of life and safety. In our eyes, they are just as much heroes as Superman and Wonder Woman!

  • 3% of them worked in industrial, commercial and residential facilities
  • 2% worked in the transportation, warehouse and delivery sector
  • 5% worked in critical manufacturing

Integrity Staffing Services is proud to have given our best effort in filling our clients’ needs for workers in these sectors — often in unexpectedly inflated volumes — while at the same time ensuring that their workplaces (as well as our hiring centers across the nation) were sanitized and safe for our associates.

We’d also like to send our deepest appreciation to frontline workers in all the other essential sectors who kept our country going through one of the most difficult years in its history:

  • Health care
  • Emergency services
  • Food and agriculture
  • Government/community services
  • Communications/IT
  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Water management
  • Chemical

Here’s looking forward to a return to normal in 2021 and beyond. At the same time, let’s never again forget the ordinary people who performed in extraordinary conditions. At Integrity, we plan to continue developing initiatives to help associates live their best lives, as we have already done with benefits including PayActiv and Next Step University.

As we’ve always believed, when our associates succeed, so do our clients, communities and the nation as a whole.