Positive Media Day

Positive Media Day

We’ve all heard of doomscrolling—the endless rabbit hole on social media that makes it far too easy to get sucked in by scary headlines, discouraging news and contentious comments sections. But are you familiar with its antidote?

Positive Media Day, celebrated on June 22, is an opportunity for media users everywhere to push back against the negativity with stories of celebration, hope, and inspiration! It’s an opportunity for media outlets to create content that spotlights all the good news happening in the world and for those who consume media—pretty much everyone!—to amplify that content far and wide.

How can you participate? It’s pretty easy!

Using the hashtag #PostPositive, fill your social media pages on Positive Media Day with content you find that can bring a smile to someone else’s face. It may be an inspiring news piece about a community rallying around someone going through a hard time, a blog post celebrating a co-worker of yours who was named Employee of the Month, a GIF that had you laughing—or it could even just be a reel of cute animals! Whether you know those in the content or not, chances are that if viewing it brought a dose of positivity to your day, sharing it can do the same for others.

And that can have some far-reaching consequences. Research has shown that positive thinking can affect all aspects of our lives: It can improve our outlook and mental health, give us the energy we need to be physically active, make concentration easier and even affect how we show up to our relationships. All of these benefits can be transformative, both for your personal and professional lives. When you’re focusing on positivity, the feeling is contagious! And that can make home and work more productive, happier places to be. But on the other hand, giving in to the pull of “doomscrolling” can deal a major blow to your mood. Surrounding yourself with negative content can drag down your outlook—which can trickle down to your work performance, relationships and so many other aspects of your life.

So, this Positive Media Day make sure to take time to not only read and share all the positivity you can find on social media—but also notice how it makes you feel! Chances are, you’ll be impressed by how much soaking in positivity can keep you energized throughout the day. And if so, make a commitment to pay forward the spirit behind Positive Media Day! It’s a simple thing, but doing your part to bring a bit more light to your online circle and wider community can have big (positive!) consequences.