Taking Pride in the Workplace

Happy Pride Month!

This June, organizations around the world will raise the rainbow flags and celebrate all that their LGBTQ employees bring to the company and the community. It’s a time to promote visibility and acceptance, and for LGBTQ people to feel seen, understood and valued. Pride Month is also a great opportunity for all employees to become better allies!

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, all of these are commitments we have year-round. As an LGBTQ-owned business, we understand how important it is for all of our employees to feel acceptance and understanding, from their employer and their colleagues—and not just in June! That’s why we lean into our associate-first approach: We recognize the unique skills and contributions each associate brings to the job have the ability to shape our workplaces and businesses for the better. And that’s worth celebrating!

Building allyship beyond Pride Month

Inclusive, accepting workplaces don’t only benefit LGBTQ individuals, but everyone. Gartner, for instance, found that such work environments produce 30% team performance. It makes sense: When workers feel like they can bring their whole selves to work, and will be accepted by those around them, they are more engaged in what they’re doing and excited to strive for the organization’s purpose. That can make for a happier, healthier place to work—for all.

So, this Pride Month, become a more active ally! Join an employee resource group for LGBTQ people and friends, be visible about your support by sharing your pronouns in written communication, do the work to educate yourself on LGBTQ issues and causes—don’t wait for LGBTQ people to do that work for you! In small ways, every employee can play a big role in promoting inclusivity.   

Acceptance in action

This is the type of environment we create and support at Integrity Staffing Solutions—for our staff, our associates and even out in the community. Earlier this year, our CEO and co-founder launched Be the Transformational Change Fund, a comprehensive support and advocacy community that aims to connect LGBTQ individuals with mentoring, networking and pathways for professional advancement. Such ventures create meaningful opportunities for candidates and employees to embrace their interests and take the steps they need to reach their full potential.

That is the spirit that drives Integrity Staffing Solutions’ associate-first model. We put our associates at the heart of everything we do: When they feel accepted, fulfilled and valued, they are the best versions of themselves—and that translates to their work. Associate-first isn’t just a tagline, however; from comprehensive benefits to ongoing training and resources to seamless, tech-fueled experiences—we consider what our associates need first and foremost.

We’ve seen firsthand how powerful a truly inclusive workplace can be: It’s a space where associates can feel safe to share ideas, to question, to make mistake and learn from them, to innovate. That is how influential acceptance can be. And that is certainly something to take pride in!

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