Pride Month: Let’s Start in the Workplace

We’d like to kick off Pride Month by reminding you how important it is to be able to express yourself on the job. Your diversity is an asset, so let it shine!

The majority of LGBTQ employees and job seekers still hide their identification for fear of harassment or discrimination. And that’s sad, because their unique perspective can contribute a lot to the success of the company.

Here are some of the ways an inclusive team is stronger and more profitable.

Better problem solving

Studies have shown that diverse groups come up with novel solutions faster than homogenous ones. They see aspects of the problem that others may be completely blind to.

More innovation

The same studies mentioned above reveal that diversity inspires creativity, whether it’s inventing a new product or improving a workflow.

Greater customer service

Bringing different outlooks to customer relations helps keep current customers satisfied as well as helping acquire new ones.

Increased productivity

When workers of all orientations are treated equally, morale is improved — even among those who don’t identify as LGBTQ. (After all, nobody likes an employer who is unfair with pay rates, status or opportunities for advancement. Who knows what they’ll do next?) Improved morale translates directly to higher productivity, as has been proven over and over again.

Integrity is an LGBT owned and operated company

Unfortunately, even in this day and age LGBTQ workers often have valid concerns and experiences of discrimination on the job. That’s why it’s very important to investigate the track record of any potential employer, and even consider changing jobs if you’re not being treated right.

As a proud NGLCC- and LGBTBE-certified staffing firm, our policy of deliberate inclusion has not only helped our clients round out their supplier diversity initiatives, but more importantly, has also helped place thousands of associates into opportunities for better lives.

Here at Integrity, we strive to be an opportunity engine for anyone and everyone, from all walks of life around the country. We believe that when it comes to work, personal profiles are irrelevant; what matters most are core values like ambition, work ethic and integrity.