Saying Goodbye to Your Holiday Temps? End It on a High Note

The year’s peak shopping season is winding down, and temporary workers who helped companies get through the rush are coming to the end of their assignments. Smart employers will invest a little time and effort in ensuring that those workers’ exit is a positive one.

Here’s why:

  • You may want to hire those same people next year. After all, it’s easier to use workers who already know your system than to train new ones from scratch. If they had a good experience with you, they’ll come back rather than signing up with the competition.
  • Your employer brand is at stake. If unhappy temps post their opinions on site like GlassDoor, it could hurt your ability to hire quality permanent employees.
  • They’ll refer their friends to you as possible hires. In a tight job market, this could save you significant marketing time and money.

Convinced? Then consider building these strategies into your assignment completion protocol. Integrity developed them to ensure that temporary associates stay engaged and productive, and they should work equally well for you.

Let the employment contract smooth the transition.

Reread the contract terms to refresh your memory as to the agreed-on procedure. Some contracts specify an end date; others say that you must provide advance notice (usually two weeks) of termination. Even if yours is the first kind, it’s a good idea to make sure the worker knows when their last day is.

Let the worker know they were valued.

Sit down with the temp for a final performance review. You may want to use a written employee evaluation form, or just have an informal chat as part of the exit interview.

Stress how much you appreciated their hard work and discuss the qualities that made them an asset to your organization. Offer to write a reference letter.

If you have any criticism to share, make it constructive. Go over the standards you expected and outline specific steps the worker can take to improve next time.

Let them know you want them back.

Ask if they’d be interested in a temporary job with you again in the future, and share an approximate timeline of when you’ll be hiring. Thus you’ll ensure that they apply with your company first before looking for work elsewhere.

At Integrity, our goal is always to leave as good an impression with our associates as they want to leave with our clients. It’s just one of the ways we maintain a pool of high quality employees, driving success for everyone involved.

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