Social Media Kindness Day

Social Media Kindness Day

We’ve all heard of ”random acts of kindness”:

Paying for the next car’s coffee order in the drive-thru line, complimenting strangers on the street, or buying a meal for someone struggling to make ends meet. But finding the inspiration to take that generous step doesn’t happen every day—which is why the spirit of kindness might be easier to embrace where we all are anyway: online!

Scrolling social media is a habit that’s a reality for most of us, and it usually is a way to disconnect and maybe even recharge from a stressful day. However, social media can also be a profound way to connect with community—and spread kindness. And you have more reason than ever to give it a shot: On Nov. 9, communities around the world will mark Social Media Kindness Day, giving you a prime opportunity to do your part to make your digital footprint a bit kinder.

Benefits of kindness

Practicing kindness doesn’t just feel good in the moment—there are real, scientific benefits that can improve both your personal and professional lives. For instance, according to a report in HR Morning, people who make a habit of demonstrating kindness tend to have better blood pressure and heart rates, and lower levels of stress, which can affect daily wellness as long as long-term health.

And when you feel better, you are more likely to bring your A game to work. In one study on kindness in the workplace, those who took part in acts of kindness reported more satisfaction with work and energy on the job.

Putting kindness into action

So, this Social Media Kindness Day, spread a little love! It couldn’t be easier to do—here are a few suggestions:

Make a small, measurable pledge

Just like we know from our day-to-day, in-person interactions, kind acts don’t need to be big to have a big impact—and the same can be said for showing kindness online. Commit to “liking” a certain number of friends’ posts or photos, or commenting with positivity, as that can be a big confidence booster for the poster. Or you could set a dollar amount and contribute to meaningful online fundraisers. You can also simply share positive, feel-good stories on your own social media pages—brightening your followers’ days and disrupting the cycle of negativity that is often found online.

Spread the word

Kindness can set off a cycle—when we see someone else doing something good, it often inspires us to do the same. So, make sure to encourage others to take part in Social Media Kindness Day—and watch your efforts snowball!

Keep the spirit going

Having one day dedicated to social media users practicing kindness is a great idea, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The day after the occasion, get right back online and keep it up! Soon, you may find that the intentional practice of kindness has simply become a habit of yours—and you, your loved ones and your co-workers will all be better off for it!