Spring clean your resume

Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring has sprung, which means you may be full swing into your spring cleaning!

From clearing out cluttered closets to finally parting with all those clothes you didn’t wear over the winter, this is a prime time for paring down, sprucing up and looking at things with a fresh set of eyes.

That same attitude can translate from your personal life to your professional one. Whether or not you’re considering a career change, spring—known for its focus on growth and renewal—provides an ideal opportunity for a fresh look at the materials that can help you take your next big step forward. Whether you use a paper resume, rely on a LinkedIn profile or showcase your skills and work in a portfolio, looking at it all with fresh eyes can help you be prepared to move into your next role with ease when the time comes.

Here are a few ways to make your resume stand out this spring:

Keep it up to date: Often, we apply for a job with a resume or profile we have on file, but that information can quickly get stale or outdated. Make sure to change any job titles or dates to reflect your current situation, as well as ensure verbs have the correct tense. Even if you haven’t changed roles since you last looked at your resume or profile, you’ve certainly celebrated some accomplishments or worked on new projects, so make sure to add them in before you forget them.

Branch out from traditional formats: If you want to give your credentials a new spin for spring, consider presenting your background in a new way. Instead of the standard format that focuses on chronological work experiences or emphasizes formal education, create a profile or resume that showcases your skills, hands-on experiences and even your interests. Hiring managers want to know how you’ll actually perform on the job so showing the unique ways you’ve been challenged, times you’ve risen above and how those experiences have shaped who you are can go a long way toward communicating that you’re a good fit for a future employer.

Let your personality shine: Traditional resumes could run the risk of being a bit bland and black and white. But you should be showing your personality—so add some color! You can certainly literally add some color to a paper resume by focusing on design or go figuratively and let your humor and creativity shine through in how you describe your past experiences and future goals.

This spring, forget the closet and focus instead on cleaning up your resume—so you can put your best foot forward into your next career move!