Staffing Redefined: Why It’s Easier to Land a Job in 2021

What if you could get a great job as a temp or direct hire, with a lot less work — and guesswork — on your part? Staffing agencies such as Integrity have a range of new tools that not only put you in a job faster, but in the right job where you’ll be happier and more successful.

Here are some of the innovations that are currently making our job candidates’ lives easier.

Remote processes eliminate the hassles

The move to online workflows actually started a few years ago, but the COVID pandemic has dramatically speeded up this trend. At Integrity, you can now fill out and submit a job application and other employee documents, take pre-employment tests, have your interview and receive your onboarding initiation — all from your internet-connected device, wherever you happen to be.

Our job candidates and associates love it because they no longer have to physically travel to an Opportunity Center to do paperwork. And those who get nervous during job interviews find that they perform better on Zoom!

Data analysis finds you the perfect job

Ever had a job where you felt over- or under-qualified, or like you just didn’t fit in? How long did you stay there? How much did it help you advance your career? New, recruitment-specific analytics are designed to prevent these unfortunate outcomes.

They dive into the employer’s past data to discover who performed best in a given role — both the person’s skill set and the type of corporate culture they’re comfortable with. This information guides us in helping you choose the position that will be most fulfilling for you, and productive for your employer.

Flexibility opens up more work options

The traditional 9-to-6 doesn’t work well for many (if not most) people. Demands of family, school, finances and so on makes scheduling very complicated, exhausting and impossible to maintain. Fortunately, we no longer all have to fit ourselves into that one pigeonhole.

At Integrity, there are many opportunities for temporary, temp-to-hire and part-time positions, shift selection and even last-minute shift switching or pickups when you have an unexpected need.

Communication keeps you in touch

Ever had the experience of calling/emailing to ask where you stand in the job application or interview process, only to never get a response? That’s a thing of the past with the latest artificial intelligence apps. Communications with candidates can be automatically triggered by an event such as your phone call, or sent on a pre-scheduled drip of calls, emails and texts.

Another form of communication is the careers page on an employer’s website. It used to be just a plain list of open positions. Now, it’s a great resource for learning what it’s like to actually work for that company, through video workplace walk-throughs, employee comments and other dynamic content.

Methods change but our mission remains the same

As you probably know (we say it enough!), Integrity’s mission is to generate opportunities for people to exceed their own expectations, and advance careers, companies and communities. That means making every effort to give our associates a great experience, from the job application to the workplace.

While we continually work to evolve and improve our tools, our goal is always the same: our associates’ ultimate success!

Welcome to the right place to find your next big job opportunity.

Let’s work together.