Streamline Your Staffing Vendors with an MSP Solution

When you’re using multiple vendors for your temporary recruiting needs, it can sometimes feel like you’re herding cats. Each company you deal with has its own systems for communications, procedures, orders, worker management, regulatory compliance and so on. Your in-house team might need so much time to keep on top of it all, you might as well not have outsourced in the first place.

There’s an answer to this dilemma: let a master provider do the coordinating for you. It sets you free to focus on your core business, confident that high-performing employees will always be delivered when and as you need them.

Single Point of Contact

The biggest time-saver is to channel all communications through one agent. It’s the MSP’s job to ensure that instructions are delivered to the relevant vendors, and that they all work together seamlessly. You’ll see results in greater efficiency and faster fill rates.

Consistency Control

The Master Service Provider will monitor the performance of all staffing vendors so that the standards and qualifications you set are maintained. In addition, it will provide a company-wide solution so that every department in your organization is on the same page.

Quality Candidates

An MSP gives you access to expensive, specialized technology and expertise for sourcing talent in each of your local markets. These include market research, recruiting strategies and candidate assessments.

Co-employment Options

Sharing responsibility for the temporary workers’ performance, health and safety helps mitigate your risks. With Integrity’s co-employment solutions, workers receive competitive wages plus attractive benefits and perks packages — a major factor in attracting top performers and keeping them motivated on the job.

Employee Management

As part of the co-employment solution, Integrity keeps full employment records, processes payroll, resolves all HR issues and safety incidents, onboards and trains workers to mitigate risks and, as mentioned above, provides employee benefits such as health insurance. For large operations, we can even maintain an HR and supervisory team at the worksite.

Labor Forecasting

A proactive approach to filling temporary labor needs allows for greater time and cost efficiencies. Having an MSP as an extension of your team takes the uncertainty and hassle out of fast ramp-ups or slowdowns.