Summer Vacation Ideas for Any Budget

Summer Vacation Ideas for Any Budget

You’ve worked hard over this last year, now you deserve to play hard, too! With pandemic restrictions lifting, there are certainly many more options to choose from this summer than there were in 2020.

Bear in mind, though, that some countries are still in various degrees of lockdown. Be sure to check the regulations close to your departure date. You wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck in a quarantine hotel for two weeks, or not allowed back into the U.S.

Fun in the Sun

A beach vacation is the most popular choice for Summer 2021. The outdoor settings make it easier to maintain social distancing for those who are worried about it. And there are activities to suit everyone, from high energy water sports to hanging out at the beach bar.

$$$ — With popularity, though, come high prices. At the top end are all-inclusive resorts in world-famous destinations like Hawaii or Mexico.

$$ — If your budget is more modest, look for less well-known — but just as beautiful — spots such as the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean or North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

$ — For those counting every penny, check out rivers, lakes and swimming holes that you can reach on a day trip.

National Parks

Another good choice for anyone sick of lockdown and longing to get out into nature. Every state in America has multiple National Parks, with a variety of accommodations from luxury hotels to campgrounds.

$$$ — Among the most expensive are Biscayne National Park in Miami, Florida, and Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior off the coast of Michigan. That’s mainly because of associated fees such as boat rentals and ferry charges.

$$ — To save money, drive there in your own car. Entrance fees at a National Park range from free to $35 per vehicle. If you’re planning to visit more than three Parks, get an America the Beautiful Pass. Or consider renting an RV. This gives you more comfort (and social distancing) en route, while avoiding motel charges.

$ — North Cascades National Park, a couple hours drive from Seattle, is a great bargain with zero entrance and camping fees. For maximum savings on food and accommodations, camping is the way to go at any National Park. Pack a tent, a camp stove and your own groceries in your SUV and head out.

Family Reunion

Now’s the time to catch up on all those get-togethers you had to miss in 2020.

$$$ — Destination wedding, anniversary or other celebration. Pricier exotic locations include Europe and the South Pacific. For families with children, Disney World, Florida, will always be near the top of the must-see list.

$$ — Choose a location that’s equally distant from everyone’s hometown. Small and mid-size cities around the U.S. can provide delightful sightseeing, nightlife and recreation without breaking the budget. Get a map and start googling!

$ — Have a grand barbeque at your local public park. Just remember that on popular holidays like the Fourth of July, barbeque spots will fill up fast.

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