Surprising Summer Job Stats

Surprising Summer Job Stats

The sights and sounds of summer are here!

The beach, parks, road trips—for many, summer is all about fun in the sun. But don’t let this season pass by without taking advantage of another opportunity that can offer a ton of benefits: summer jobs!

While working may not sound like the ideal way to spend the warm summer months, it can be an ideal chance to make some money on the side, as well as create connections and develop the skills that can help you take your next big career step. Because while many are lounging on the beach or chilling on the couch this summer, the jobs are out there. You just have to be just as eager to pursue them as you are to soak up the rays!

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start your summer job hunt:

More young people are working in the summer, post-pandemic

COVID-19 put a significant damper on summer job opportunities, but numbers are slowly rebounding—meaning the work is there for the taking! Last summer, more than 55% of young people ages 16-24 were employed during the summer, a steady increase over the previous two years.

Where are the jobs?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one-third of teenagers employed last summer worked in accommodations and food services. However, temporary and seasonal jobs abound—across all levels and industries! For instance, here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, we place summer talent in everything from warehousing and merchandising to clerical jobs to those in the skilled trades.

Temp isn’t just for teens anymore

The traditional “summer job”—teens working at a movie theater or fast-food joint—is definitely evolving, as more workers of all ages see the advantages of temporary and seasonal work. More than 70% of Americans are expected to have some type of side gig in 2023, and it’s particularly popular among college-age and early professionals: More than half of the gig economy is made up of those who are 18-22.

Find work that helps you focus on your ‘power skills’

As tech advances quickly, “hard skills” may be a thing of the past—instead, employers today are craving talent with “soft skills” that can stand the test of time. A recent report by Pearson identified five “power skills” all workers should look to sharpen: communication, customer service, leadership, collaboration, and attention to detail. A summer job is a prime opportunity to gain valuable experience honing all of these—to set yourself up for success with your next career move.

If you’re on a break from school or figuring out your next big job opportunity, use the summer months to get ahead: Add new experiences to your resume, network, and figure out what your strengths are and where you can improve. Summer is definitely a time for fun, but it can also present a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth—and that sounds fun to us!